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Hostel Steinlebach Hostel Steinlebach
Le Markstein

Hostel Steinlebach

Welcome to Steinlebach Inn, at 3773 feet high, on the Peaks Route, slightly behind and lower than the MARKSTEIN ski resort, in amongst the...
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Hilsen Farm-Inn Hilsen Farm-Inn

Hilsen Farm-Inn

At an altitude of 900 m in a rustic setting near Petit Ballon, it is the starting point for numerous hikes. Marcaire meals and Alsatian specialities...
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Farmhouse inn Farmhouse inn
Soultz Haut Rhin

Farmhouse inn "Glashütte"

La ferme de la Glashütte is located just outside the village of Rimbach near Guebwiller, an ideal starting point for hiking trails at the foot of the...
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Hostel Haag

Hostel Haag

The farm inn on the GR5 route offers overnight accommodation and meals, mountain refuge-style … before you climb the Grand Ballon, almost one mile...
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