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Open the Gates of History: Listen, Learn, Travel!

Hi, I’m Fanny. My mother always told me that curiosity was a bad habit. But one day, when I was alone in the tourist office, I couldn’t resist the temptation. I’d been walking past that forbidden door for so long, I just had to open it one day…

Profil Fanny


Marketing Manager, Groups/Tours and Breaks Department

“Les portes de l’histoire” is a journey through history, where each episode takes you to a new era and a new encounter with a historical figure from the Guebwiller region. Join Fanny on this adventure of discovery and the excitement of time travel.

Episode 1: The blue door - Théodore Deck

Driven by curiosity, Fanny opts for the blue door, which instantly transports her back in time to a period when the art of ceramics flourished. Opposite her was Théodore Deck, the renowned 19th-century ceramist.

Episode 2: The red door - Coming soon

New episode coming soon