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No matter if it rains or snows, holidays are still holidays!

The Guebwiller valley enjoys a drier climate than the national average thanks to the protection of the Grand Ballon. In fact, rainfall from the west falls on the Vosges mountain range, protecting the valleys to the east of the mountain from bad weather. The town of Colmar, a few kilometres from Guebwiller, is one of the driest towns in France!

Whether it’s a heat wave, rain or snow, you will always find an suitable activity in the Guebwiller region!

What to do during a heat wave?🌞

– forest walks along streams and lakes
– swimming at the Nautilia watersports center in Guebwiller
– Visit the Roman monuments of the Guebwiller region: St Léger’s church in Guebwiller, Murbach abbey, Lautenbach collegiate church.
– Musical siesta in the church of the Dominicans in Guebwiller.
– Stroll over the ridges of the Markstein at the Grand Balloon. On average over the year, it is 7° less than in the lowlands! And for a breath of fresh air, take a ride down the Markstein on a rail sleigh. With top speeds of over 40 km/h, it’s an experience as fun as it is refreshing!

What to do when it rains? ☔

– Visit the museums of the Guebwiller region: Theodore Deck Museum and the History and Heritage Interpretation Centre in Guebwiller, Vivarium du Moulin in Lautenbach-Zell, Nef des jouets Toy museum and the Bucheneck Historical Museum in Soultz, Former Antonine Covent in Issenheim, Winegrower’s Museum of the Cave du Vieil Armand in Soultz/Wuenheim…
– Going to see a movie at the Florival cinema in Guebwiller. With its 5 theatres, this cinema offers a rich and varied programming throughout the year.
– Live a unique experience at the cabaret Music-Hall le Paradis des Sources in Soultzmatt.
– Visit a cellar and taste the delicious wines of Alsace.
– Take the time to taste an Alsatian speciality, sweet or salty: tarte flambée, sauerkraut, baeckoffa, kougelhopf?

What to do when it snows? ⛄

– Skiing (downhill or cross-country) or snowshoeing at the Markstein ski resort or on the slopes of the Grand Ballon.
– Sledging or a snowball fight.
– Eat a raclette or a gratin of spatzles with Munster cheese in a restaurant or one of our inns.