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There’s no shortage of heritage in the valley! With its Norman churches and Thierenbach basilica, its museums, its winegrowing sector, past and present, its industrial saga and its extraordinary natural wealth… The list is far from complete. One thing’s for sure, in the Pays du Florival region, there’s nothing wrong with being curious! Curiosity will take you, for example, following in the footsteps of Theodore Deck, one of the great French ceramicists of the 19th century. This artist and technician gave his name to a deep bright blue colour known as “Deck blue”. If you’re still a child at heart, then make sure you visit the Nef des Jouets toys museum. On the shelves of this former commandery of the Order of Malta, you’re bound to come across a toy car, a doll or a lead soldier that’ll bring those childhood memories flooding back. While in Soultz, take the opportunity to visit the Bucheneck museum for a tour of the history of this town that was once nicknamed “the rebel”… In and around Guebwiller, culture is still an item, thanks to the Dominicains de Haute-Alsace cultural meeting centre which occupies an old Gothic convent and hosts an eclectic programme of high-quality music concerts and other events. To complete the picture, we must mention our mobile apps and audioguides, multimedia libraries, Florival cinema, cultural associations and much, much more.