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Parks and gardens

A break in a landscaped park ?

“Looking for a bucolic way to unwind? Take time to visit a 19th-century garden! This “green” legacy of Guebwiller’s past is a little-known heritage that’s very much present.”


The industrial past of Guebwiller has left its mark in the form of the old factories and workers’ districts, of course, but also by the presence of some sumptuous villas. They stood in the middle of a carefully-tended park with bucolic little spaces reflecting an art of living that we can only dream about now… With a bit of imagination, we can picture the summerhouse that used to be here, or the water feature in the rockery. Prosperity of the past.


The industrialists of Guebwiller were fascinated by botany and decorated their properties with various specimens. I even found in the archives a record of prizes they won for their rhododendrons or azaleas. They spent their fortune on the creation of proper arboretums, sparing no expense when it came to infrastructures such as an orangery to protect their Mediterranean plants and even a hothouse for more exotic species! Much of it has disappeared now, but there are still some beautiful remains.


  • The Domaine de Beaupré park, which used to belong to the Bary family. This wealthy family of textile manufacturers produced silk ribbons in Guebwiller. Mindful of their living environment they had no hesitation in calling upon some great artists and craftsmen to make improvements to their interior as well as the gardens. Here’s à scoop: Edouard André designed the monumental front entrance, for example.
  • The Marseillaise park has always been a public park. It was created by the famous landscaper, Edouard André, in 1898. How did a valley town like Guebwiller manage to enlist the help of such a celebrity? I believe Emile de Bary knew him personally, because he did a few sketches and drew up some plans for the Domaine de Beaupré that we’ve just mentioned. The Marseillaise Park is a listed Historical Monument and also carries the Remarkable Gardens label. It’s a must-see!
  • From the summer of 2019, the Neuenbourg castle gardens will be open to visitors. This little gem isn’t very well known, but that should change thanks to our efforts to highlight it via the “Land of Art and History” label.

“However, taking your time is key to fully appreciating these timeless sites. In these havens of peace, the magic doesn’t work if you’re watching the clock! So allow yourself to daydream and immerse yourself in the romanticism of times gone by.”