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World tour 100% made in Colmar !

“Want to travel round the world without leaving Colmar? “

Come with me to the quayside of Little Venice, Colmar’s historical district, for a short boat trip to the covered market (open daily) where you’ll find good-quality local produce. A chance to see Colmar from the water.

Back on land

I’d recommend that, once back on dry land, you walk through Little Venice via Rue St Jean where you’ll see a Venetian house.

A short walk then takes you from Italy to Belgium in just a few minutes. Now if that isn’t value for money! On Rue des Augustins, you can admire a replica – unfortunately stripped – of the famous Mannekin-pis of Brussels, against the wall of the courthouse. Due to the Colmar microclimate, perhaps? (The rainfall here is similar to that of Nîmes.) Walking down Grande Rue, you’ll pass in front of the emblematic Ancienne Douane (former customs office).

Then take Rue des Marchands where you can visit Germany without even crossing the Rhine, at Maison Pfister, to see portraits of the 16th-century Germanic emperors. Your trip round the world on foot stops for a while at no. 30 Rue des Marchands, the house where the sculptor Bartholdi was born. He created the statue of liberty that you can visit, not looking out to sea but standing in the middle of a roundabout at 45 Route de Strasbourg.

To complete your tour...

To complete your tour, I can suggest a few more Colmar gems. The Maison des Têtes In the town centre, look up to admire the famous emblems. To relax for a while, sit on a seat at Place Rapp to watch the water jets or take the children to the 1900 merry-go-round. Colmar also boasts some wonderful museums, including the essential Unterlinden museum which is home to the Issenheim altarpiece. To find out more about the culture of Alsace, I can recommend the Hansi museum. If you’re with children, opt instead for the toys museum or the natural history museum. And when you’re hungry, don’t hesitate to stop at a Winstub to savour our generous traditional cuisine.

“I hope you have enjoyed your trip and I look forward to seeing you again soon in Colmar, the capital of Alsace wines and, officially, the 3rd best European destination in 2018.”