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Walking on the roof of Alsace

“I’ve always lived at the foot of Grand Ballon. As a child, from the plain I always tried to identify this mountain that’s higher than any of its neighbours. For nearly 20 years now, Grand Ballon has been easier to recognise thanks to the mushroom-shaped civil aviation radar at its summit.”


Grand Ballon, also known as Ballon de Guebwiller or Ballon de Soultz, is the highest summit in the Vosges mountains, reaching an elevation of 1,424 metres. The Vosges mountains can be easily reached from the valleys by car. Once on the high ridge, the Route des Crêtes takes you from summit to summit. The eroded relief of these very old mountains makes them accessible enough for everyone to enjoy. But sports fanatics, take note! There are also some fabulous slopes waiting to be climbed by hikers, cyclists and mountain bikers.

Outstanding scenery...

Between valleys and peaks, hundreds of signposted paths maintained by the Club Vosgien take you through a whole array of landscapes, from chestnut groves and evergreen forests to the high mountain pastures.

“Seasoned hikers can follow a loop trail from Guebwiller to Grand Ballon and back in a day.” The 23-kilometre walk requires a good level of physical fitness due to the 1,100-metre elevation gain! Hiking in the Vosges mountains isn’t as easy as you might think!”

Une pause méritée...

“Heureusement vous pourrez profiter de beaux endroits pour reprendre des forces, comme le Judenhut un site absolument bucolique avec son joli chalet sa clairière et sa fontaine.”


Pour ceux qui préfèrent prendre leur temps pour profiter du paysage et découvrir la faune et la flore exceptionnelle de ces montagnes, deux circuits en 3 ou 5 jours permettent de découvrir le Grand Ballon, le Markstein puis les crêtes jusqu’au Petit Ballon avant de redescendre sur la vallée de Guebwiller. Un itinéraire absolument incontournable testé et approuvé par David Genestal du blog Carnets de Rando .

“Tous les circuits de randonnées dans le massif du Grand Ballon et du Markstein sont disponibles sur notre site Internet ”