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For the food-lovers amongst you! You’ve come to the right place! The Guebwiller region is a culinary heaven offering all the delights of Alsace! Traditional cuisine, delicious bretzels to snack on, great vintage tastings with winegrowers, and farmhouse inns in the mountains with views of the Alsace plain. Plenty of opportunities to try the local fare. The region of Guebwiller is steeped in the culinary traditions of Alsace. You’ll find many typical restaurants proposing highly varied menus: sauerkraut, flambéed tart, fleischschnacka, Baeckoffa, etc. And the reason they’re all so good is that we also have our own producers – local cheeses, meats, charcuterie, fruit and vegetables, etc. – which you’ll find on our markets and during events held all year long on the theme of gastronomy. To get off the beaten track, take to the summits and visit a farmhouse inn where you’ll savour dishes based on fresh ingredients direct from the farm. Tip: try the traditional “marcaire” meal and a delicious blueberry tart! For wine buffs, the Wine Route crosses the Guebwiller region, with its 7 classified Grand Cru vineyards, including 4 in Guebwiller alone. A wonderful immersion in a world of wine and taste awaits you! In short, here you’ll find all our tips for a successful culinary tour in the heart of Alsace.