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(Re)discover the city of Bollwerk

“What’s so charming about Alsace is the diversity that comes largely from its border situation and its troubled history. The city of Mulhouse represents this diversity to perfection. Often less visited than Colmar, the city of Bollwerk has the undeserved image of being no more than an industrial town. Yet I can guarantee that Mulhouse is really worth a visit! Here are some of the reasons (non-exhaustive list, of course!)”


Did you know that Mulhouse is the provincial town with the highest number of museums in relation to its number of inhabitants? There’s something for every taste: Technical museums: Cité de l’Automobile, Cité du Train, Electropolis Museum, Fabric Printing Museum, Wallpaper Museum, etc. There’s also a Museum of Fine Arts, a History Museum and a Contemporary Art Museum, not forgetting the fabulous Zoological Gardens!

And when it comes to entertainment...

In addition, there’s a whole host of performing arts venues: The Filature national theatre, the Noumatrouff for current music, or the Entrepôt for comedy shows, as well as live-entertainment bars and book cafés.

Throughout the year, the town hosts a variety of exciting cultural events… The Scènes de Rue festival should not be missed in July, when every corner of the town comes to life with some incredible performances that’ll bring out the child in you.

Mulhouse is an authentic art laboratory, no doubt thanks to the Germanic influence. This city is home to many successful creators and craftspeople who occupy and breathe new life into abandoned sites and industrial wastelands/ There are plenty of architectural features waiting to be discovered too. Historical buildings recounting a wealth of troubled history, workers’ sector, contemporary constructions and the “Cité Manifeste” housing project… to name but a few!

Another thing I like about Mulhouse is the diversity of cafés, bars, bistros and nice little restaurants serving specialities from all over the world…

What’s more, the city is easy to reach thanks to its train station, and the tramway and self-service bikes make it easy to get around.

“In other words, as far as I’m concerned, Mulhouse is a cosmopolitan place that’s buzzing with life and creativity, a far cry from the old clichés of generations. It would be a shame to visit Alsace without stopping off here!”