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Visiting pass

Planning a holiday in our Region? Want to see as many tourist attractions as possible without breaking your budget? Ask for one of our passes and get some great deals! The Alsace Pass entitles you to free admission at a number of attractions in the Alsace Region. 3-day, 2-day and even 24-hour passes to optimise your advantages! The Hopplà Pass gives you free access to the main attractions of the Guebwiller Region. Hence, for €19 you can save over €100 in admission fees to local features! (Free admission or reduced rates, meal and accommodation deals, special wine offers, etc.) Do you live or work in the Communauté de Communes of the regions of Guebwiller or Essor du Rhin? The Ambassador Pass is for you! Use this free pass to accompany friends and family visiting the Florival Region!