Hartmannswiller in celebration

  • Hartmannswiller in celebration

    On Sunday 4 September 2022, the village festival in Hartmannswiller will take place with its main traditional event: the soapbox race. This festival is organised jointly by several associations of the village. The first soapbox race in Hartmannswiller took place in 1977 with 4 "bolides" at the start. Today, it takes place within the framework of the village festival. It will be the 6th round of the Alsace 2022 championship organised by the FIRCAS. The Hartmannswiller race, with its very special course - about 350 metres on a gentle slope but with right-angle bends - allows beginners to learn the joys of driving without danger before discovering the exhilaration of speed on other circuits. The Foyer Club is in charge of organising the race. The Amicale des sapeurs-pompiers is in charge of the refreshments and catering (Saturday evening: tartes flambées; Sunday lunchtime: self-service and small catering all day). The Shooting Society is organising a tombola. The "Sport Santé Loisir" association offers pastries and pancakes. Especially for young people: - a set of recreational games (led by "Sport Santé Loisirs") - the possibility of a pony ride - a snack at the end of the summer activities offered by the municipality and the foyer club Programme for Sunday 4 September : - 9:30 am first round of the soapbox race - 12 noon Burger Frites meal in the multi-purpose hall - 1.30 pm second round of the soapbox race - 3.30 p.m. third round of the soapbox race - 5 pm snack for the end of the summer activities - 6 p.m. prize-giving and distribution of prizes to the participants of the soapbox race, drink of friendship to the participants of the race, guests and volunteers Continuous, Sunday all day or afternoon: - Refreshments, pastries and snacks - Games for children in front of the multipurpose hall - Tombola

    Liesel's advice

    Tart flambées, children's entertainment and a soapbox: a good cocktail for a successful day.
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    Samedi : NC Dimanche : 9h30 - 18h30


    Centre ville de Hartmannswiller

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    Village feast
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    Nearest train station: 10 Km
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    Gratuit / Entrée libre

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  • 68500 Hartmannswiller