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  • François Schneider Foundation for art

    The Centre for Contemporary Art is partly located in the disused workshop of the former thermal springs. The project to restore and extend the site was entrusted to the architect Daniel Villotte. It is a place of artistic expression on the theme of water.

    Located at the foot of the Hartmannswillerkopf - Le Vieil-Armand, on this road steeped in history which also leads to the Hirtzenstein, the complex has over 4,500 m² of exhibition space.
    For this exhibition space and in order to recall the theme of water, the general principle of the interior design was based on the idea of purity, transparency, translucence and fluidity. As a whole, the Centre for Contemporary Art is designed with transitions between the interior and the exterior, on the perpendicular and longitudinal axes, so that the visitor has the feeling of seeing a succession of spaces from the most closed to the most open.
    The building offers several exhibition spaces inside, on the terrace, in the basement and in the garden, as well as an auditorium, a cafeteria and a bookshop.

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  • 27 rue de la Première Armée
    68700 Wattwiller