• Museographic space of the Antonins of Issenheim

    This museographic space was born from the will of the congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence of Ribeauvillé, to restore the historic sites of the former convent of the Antonins, where patients suffering from ergotism (disease also called "mal des ardents") were treated. or "St. Anthony's fire" linked to the ingestion of a fungus, ergot).

    Center of Art, History and Spirituality, the Museographic Space comprises two main parts:
    an interior part located in the old renovated gatehouse, with an exhibition of objects and presentations of ancient texts, allowing to understand the origin of ergotism, the invocation to Saint Anthony, the hospital vocation of the order des Antonins and its development in Europe. In the back room, magnificently vaulted, is the model of the Altarpiece of Issenheim, a herbarium with the fourteen plants which entered into the composition of the holy vinage, as well as a showcase with reproduction of engravings and old surgical tools, used to treat the sick.

    An exterior part corresponding to the old choir of the church with the presence of lapidary elements (a well, remarkable 15th century keystones, a 16th century monument of Saint Anthony, and the exact location of the Altarpiece, materialized by a "Tau".

    The museum space is open every first Sunday of the month from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., and every Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. from April 3 until Sunday October 30.
    Prices: 4 euros for adults, free for children under 18, 2 euros for students and seniors over 65.

    The visit to the Museographic Space also includes access to the current neo-Gothic Jesuit church. It can continue with a walk in the park.

    For group visits, reservation and prior request on: 03 89 62 24 24 or by email: maison-st-michel@providence-ribeauville.net

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    Museum and planetarium
    Religious site
    Science and technology

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    Free visit
    Guided tour for groups
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    Less than 200 m from a free public car park
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  • rue de Guebwiller
    Maison St Michel
    68500 Issenheim