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  • Sources de Soultzmatt

    The source of Soultzmatt was probably known in the Roman epoch but it was first exactly mentioned in the year 1272 by a Franciscan monk. The source was discovered again in the 17th century and thermal baths were built in 1662 (extended in the 18th century). Louis Nessel bought the source in 1838 and gave it his name. The source became famous in the whole Europe. The bi-carbonated water, especially good for stomach ache, liver, kidney and bladder diseases, was always dunk there and has been sold in bottle since 1853.
    On March, the 29th 1865, the source was declared as public interest by an imperial decree and after advice from the Medicine Academy of Paris.
    Nessel cancelled the inhabitants’ right which allowed them to take water for nothing. The commune decided then to create another source near the Nessel Source, so that the inhabitants could go on with taking water.
    A fire destroyed a big part of the thermal baths in 1891 and the activity was cancelled. Only the export from the water in bottles continued. In 1892, Brun & Cie became owner of the source. The spring water has been sold as drink water under the name Lisbeth since 1922. Lisbeth was the name of Mr. Thomas’s daughter, which was director of the society.
    The commune of Soultzmatt became owner of the source in 1952 and develops since then the society.

    Valeur parc naturel régional

    Liesel's advice

    Les Sources de Soultzmatt produisent une large gamme de produit dont le fameux Elsass cola. Profitez d'une escapade à Soultzmatt pour découvrir les coulisses de cette production.

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