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  • Linthal

    Linthal, whose name means "valley of the linden", is a mountain village located close the Markstein ski resort (13km, alt. 1240 m) and the Grand Ballon (25km, alt. 1424 m), the highest summit in the Vosges mountains.
    Both summer and winter, the exceptional location of this village dominating the Vallée du Florival makes it an ideal vacation stop close to nature and to explore the Route des Crêtes (Cliff Road) and taste the traditional 'marcaire' farm meal at an inn-farm.
    Legend has it that Jacob Steiner, from the Linthal commune, invented the inn-farm concept following the French revolution. His cheese-making technique was ahead of its time and produced an excellent 'gruyère' and the straw barn was also used as a dance hall.
    Located at 7 km from Guebwiller, Linthal has everything for all tastes, half-way between the plain and the highest summits, the discovery of an authentic rural setting and a vast heritage.

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  • 68610 Linthal