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  • Rouffach

    The origin of Rouffach most probably goes back to the Celtic period. The Latin name of the place was ""Rubeacum"".

    Excavations in the centre of the early town show that the Romans settled down in Rouffach. The Merovingian built here one of their residences: the Isenbourg. Until the end of the Thirty Years' War, the area of Rouffach was part of the Holy Roman Empire.

    In the 7th century, Rouffach became the property of the Prince Bishops of Strasbourg until the Revolution. The legend attributes this donation to King Dagobert the 2nd after the miraculous resurrection of his son Sigebert thanks to the intercession of Bishop Arbogast of Strasbourg. The Bishops of Strasbourg transformed the town into a real fortress, with a double surrounding wall joining the castle Isenbourg which still overlooks the town. Rouffach became the capital of their Upper-Rhine possessions, the ""Upper Mundat"" constituted by the bailiwicks of Rouffach, Soultz and Eguisheim. Nobles, religious communities and guilds contributed to the splendour of the town. The Renaissance characterizes the golden age of Rouffach.

    The inhabitants of Rouffach are glad to welcome the visitors in the heart of the authentic region Alsace. Enjoy the Mediterranean microclimate, the outstanding environment, the rich heritage, the gastronomic restaurants and the events like the music festival ""Musicalta"", the middle-aged ""Witch fete"", the village festival ""Rouffach en Fête"", the nights for tourism and the Christmas Market.

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