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Wuenheim is a very pleasant village that stretches from a small valley to the plain at the foot of the Vieil Armand mountain, close to the towns of Soultz (2km) and Guebwiller (7km). Located at 320 metres above sea level on the tourist itinerary of the wine route, the Wuenheim owes its growth to wine making.
75% destroyed during the First World War due to its proximity to the Vieil-Armand (Hartmannswillerkopf) battlefield, this community has made return to a peaceful existence and provides visitors with a friendly welcome with its many departure points for MTB and hiking trails.
Its wine museum is an important stop in discovering the wine-making heritage of the region. Here visitors can see how the working methods and tools for winemaking evolved from 1900 to the present. And why not follow up with a stroll along the wine-growers' trail at Wuenheim and learn about wine-making methods and the different grape varieties during this educational walking tour.

The Musée du Vigneron and the boutique 
The wine footpath of Soultz-Wuenheim
Château d’Ollwiller (XIIIth s.) and the tiling factory
Hiking circuit: The Vallon du Col Amic
Hiking circuit: The vineyard path of Wuenheim
MTB circuit: Hartmannswiller circuit
MTB circuit: Saint Anne circuit
MTB circuit: Stork circuit
Farm market
Wine route
Wine cellars, tastings
Events, excursions, activities: consult the events calendar

Accommodation (camping, inns, vacation rentals) and restaurants

  • The Château d’Ollwiller (XIIIth s.) and the tiling factory
  • The Eglise Saint Gilles, XVIIIth c.

Tourism packages: guided visit of the Soultz-Wuenheim vineyard path in summer with the Cave du Vieil-Armand, independent visit of the wine path with markers, independent visit of the wine path with map (available at the Tourist Office)
Practical services: accommodation (camping, guest houses, vacation rentals) and restaurants
Recreational equipment for children: playground, football field, bowling alley
Amenities/related services: free parking for cars, regular bus service

New wine festival at Wuenheim

At the beginning of autumn, the harvest period provides the opportunity to taste the new wine, the famous "Neier Siasser" ("Neier": new, "Siasser": sweet), a drink somewhere between grape juice and wine. It is sampled with nuts and cured ham accompanied by country bread during this festive weekend that is held at the end of September at Wuenheim. A must-see is the guided visit of the wine trail and the folk parade with carts accompanied by the new wine distributed by participants of the procession. Traditional restaurant services onsite with musical accompaniment.

Other activities: see the activity guide

Key figures

Altitude 257 m − 956 m
Surface area 618 ha = 6.18 km²
Density 131.75 hab/km²
Latitude 47° 52' 25'' North
Longitude 07° 12' 34'' East
Population (2009) 807 habitants
Postal code 68500

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