Saint Maurice Church

  • Clocher de l'église Saint Maurice de Soultz
  • Statue et église Saint Maurice de Soultz, Crédit: Vincent Schneider


    "It is from 1270 that the long construction of the present church of Soultz began on the site of the old one. At the dawn of the 14th century, the construction works continue with the transept, its North and South arms, its central square, which helped to refine the silhouette of the building. The transept windows are from the primitive construction, and the two recesses established at their base dating from before 1310, reveal the history of Pfaffenheim Nobles. The large current sacristy dates from the 15th century. It is overhung by a large ribbed vault, quite complex as regards to its four six-pointed stars. In 1489, the last west bay was added, under the authority of Robert de Bavière, Lord Bishop of Strasbourg from 1471 to 1478. The church was found to be too small for the population of the town. It is in this last bay that the first organ was placed around 1600, and then replaced in 1750 by the magnificent instrument created by Jean-André Silbermann and his brothers. Inside the sanctuary, a beautiful preaching pulpit, remarkable woodwork produced around 1600. You will discover in the Eastern Chapel, the statue of The Virgin and Child, in Rhenish style of the 16th century. In front, a very interesting picture illustrates the legend of Saint George slaying a dragon. This low relief almost certainly comes from the disappeared village chapel, Alswiller. Many pictorial decorations and inscriptions of that era are still visible on the interior walls, witnessing the developments and stories of our church over the centuries. One can find names of Saints, martyred companions of Saint Maurice, the patron of our parish, all slaughtered for refusing to deny their faith in Christ. These remains date back to the 17th century."

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