Bollenberg Chapel

  • Vue de la chapelle du Bollenberg en automne © Vincent Schneider
  • La chapelle du Bollenberg © Vincent Schneider


    "The Bollenberg is a hill of 363 meters high, made of Jurassic limestone and is situated between Rouffach, Orschwihr and Westhalten. Once a year, during the night of 14 to 15 August, it becomes the scene of a ritual which attracts many pilgrims from all over the region. The small chapel of the Holy Cross, which is accessed through a short stony and steep narrow road from the east of Orschwihr village, is illuminated by the famous ""fire of the witches"". It is the conscripts, that is, the new recruits of Orschwihr, who burn the model of the witch on a spectacular bonfire. During the year, this hill, which has a small protected natural area, is mainly visited by hikers. A hotel restaurant is located in ""Clos Sainte-Apolline"" Domaine which is accessible through the east side of the hill from the D18. The Chapel of the Holy Cross, more commonly called ""Chapel of Witches"" was once a very popular place of pilgrimage. Countless legends surround this place where a ""White Lady"" would have appeared. It is apparently a former place of worship. "

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    Bollenberg Chapel

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Hotel du Bollenberg

Hotel du Bollenberg