It’s great to visit a new region, but it’s even better to explore and understand it! To do so, our museums are the ideal solution. The region of Guebwiller offers plenty of ways to become familiar while making great memories: ceramics, minerals, historical relics, toys and so much more! And to find out even more, the Alsace Ecomuseum, the Cité de l’Auto, the Cité du Train, the Unterlinden museum, etc. are all just a few minutes’ drive from the Pays du Florival region.

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Musée de la Régence, Ensisheim Musée de la Régence, Ensisheim

Musée de la Régence

The Regency Museum is housed in the Regent's palace, a magnificent XVIth century building (1535) constructed in the center of Ensisheim by emperor Ferdinand of Austria. Three different sections deal with History, archae...

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Musée Théodore Deck Musée Théodore Deck

Théodore Deck Museum
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Set up in the former residence of the canons of Murbach, Florival Museum is an Art and Local History Museum with a special touch: a remarkable collection of earthenware by the famous ceramics artist Théodore Deck, Direc...

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Vivarium du moulin à Lautenbach Zell © Grégory Tachet Vivarium du moulin à Lautenbach Zell © Grégory Tachet
Lautenbach zell

Vivarium du moulin
Open today

You will find a former flour mill with some rather interesting inhabitants ! In fact some sixty insects and spiders are ther to welcome you. Here you can bserve rare and protected species ad learn to recognise those tha ...

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Commanderie vue aérienne Commanderie vue aérienne
Soultz Haut Rhin

La Nef des Jouets - toys museum

The « Nave of Toys » houses the toys collected over the years by Joëlle and Jean-Richard Haeusser. But it is not merely a museum, it is also an exceptional institution set up in the former residence of the Commander o...

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