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the murmurs of Neuenbourg - Les Murmures de la Neuenbourg

Nathalie Meyer
Nathalie Meyer
Nathalie Meyer
From 23/09/2020 To 30/09/2020

The landscaped park is a bucolic invitation to slow down the pace and observe nature and architecture in full consciousness. From July 8 to September 20, 2020, this magnificent setting will host a ceramic and sound installation making the murmurs of the Neuenbourg perceptible.
Take the time to observe the ceramic works of Nathalie Meyer. Eight creations punctuate the route along the terrace of the castle and in the park. Thanks to the use of different ceramic techniques, the earth, minerals and flora of the park mark these works. These references are also found in the shapes and colors of the three-dimensional pieces: plant buds, rock forms, white, black and shades of blue, water green and crystallization effects. These effects and play of materials create subtle surprises within the park.

Pay attention to the murmurs transmitted by these works... Three creations realized in collaboration with Romain Muller, will animate the course.
Throughout the day, from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm, "Le Murmure végétal" unveils the sounds of nature and life in the park that interact with electronic music. Nature and human creation mingle in harmony underlining the musicality of the rustle, lapping and chirping of the park. Let yourself be transported to the heart of Neuenburg.

At 4 pm., families will discover "La quête du jardinier", a botanical adventure. The Neuenbourg Park is a bucolic place to relax, but it is also a place of innovation and creativity. Let the adventure of gardener Gustave Reinbold tell you more! Through his journey, you will discover the industrial Guebwiller, life in the 19th century and meet exciting characters such as Henry Schlumberger, Professor Fée but also the worrying customs officer of the German states.

The country contemplation continues at 6pm with a bit of "Natural Philosophy", thanks to the poems of the Lyrical Offering by the Indian author Rabindranath Tagore. Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, he takes a meditative look at nature and time. He thus proposes to live his life in peace, to the rhythm of Nature and the seasons. His observations of Nature and human emotions invite readers to seek their personal and inner divinity. Influenced by the mysticism and popular music of Bengal, his poems are full of lyricism conducive to contemplation.

Practical information :
In the park at the back of the castle from 10 am to 6:30 pm from Wednesday to Sunday. Free admission
From 10 hours: Plant murmuring
4 p.m.: The gardener's quest
18 hours: Natural Philosophy
Information at 03 89 62 56 22 or

Parcours created in collaboration with Nathalie Meyer (ceramic works), François Gorissen (actor) and Romain Muller (sound creations).
Artistic direction : Pays d'art et d'histoire - CCRG
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Audience concerned
Adults (individuals), Families
Length of visit/event
1h30 min

From 23/09/2020 To 30/09/2020

MERCREDI DE 10h00 A 18h30
JEUDI DE 10h00 A 18h30
VENDREDI DE 10h00 A 18h30
SAMEDI DE 10h00 A 18h30
DIMANCHE DE 10h00 A 18h30

From 01/10/2020 To 11/10/2020

MERCREDI DE 10h00 A 12h30 / DE 13h30 A 17h30
JEUDI DE 10h00 A 12h30 / DE 13h30 A 17h30
VENDREDI DE 10h00 A 12h30 / DE 13h30 A 17h30
SAMEDI DE 10h00 A 12h30 / DE 13h30 A 17h30
DIMANCHE DE 10h00 A 12h30 / DE 13h30 A 17h30