Office de tourisme de Guebwiller - Alsace

Mountain bike route: Guebwiller - Voegtlingshoffen - Guebwiller

Mountainbiking nearby the Bollenberg chapel
This 45 km circuit is made for trained mountainbikers. With 1225m of made uneven positive he(it) integrates(joins) some sports rises(ascents) of which the one on 150m between 15 and 20 %. Besides some passages on paths where the vigilance is rigorous this buckle(loop) does not require a big technical luggage. He allows you to discover largely the vineyard of Alsace between Guebwiller to the South and until Voegtlingshoffen in the North via(including) Guebwiller, Bergholtz, Orschwihr, Westhalten, Rouffach, Pfaffenheim, Voegtlingshoffen, Osenbach, Wintzfelden, Lautenbachet Buhl also at the end of route(course). Besides this plan makes you discover some patrimonial elements of our rich historic past.

Departure : Guebwiller - Hôtel de Ville
Towns crossed: Guebwiller, Bergholtz, Orschwihr,Westhalten, Rouffach, Pfaffenheim, Voegtlingshoffen, Osenbach, Wintzfelden, Lautenbach and Buhl

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