Office de tourisme de Guebwiller - Alsace

Mountain bike route: Circuits du Vin Nouveau 2014 - 50 km

Mountainbiking at Munsteraeckerle ©F.Kruch
This circuit of just over 50 km, offered for the first time on the occasion of the Circuits du Vin Nouveau in October 2014, will take you across a large part of the Pays du Florival. This circuit is very difficult and is intended for well-trained cyclists with a good technical level who are in good physical shape

Departure: Soultz/Wuenheim – Vieil-Armand wine cellar
Towns crossed: Wuenheim, Jungholtz, Rimbach-Zell, Guebwiller, Rimbach.

Topographic guides are available from the Guebwiller and Soultz tourist offices.
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