Office de tourisme de Guebwiller - Alsace

Hiking route: Guebwiller – Grand Ballon

Vue depuis Grand Ballon - crédit: L. Gorkiewicz
Vue depuis Grand Ballon 2 - crédit L. Gorkiewicz
This hike takes you to Grand Ballon, the highest peak of the Vosges mountains, which rises up to 1,424 metres. From this pass, if the weather is clear, you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the Alsace plain, the Black Forest and even the Alps mountain range. Along the way, you will pass through a variety of landscapes of conifer and non-conifer forests, glades and pastures. As you gain altitude, you will see the changes in the Vosges flora.

Duration: 7h
Length: 23 km
Accumulated altitude: 953 m
Hiking sheet and topographical guide are available from the Guebwiller and Soultz Tourist Offices.
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