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Le vignoble de Guebwiller, credit: C. Flotta

Hiking route: Guebwiller Wineyard

This hike will take you to the heart of the Schlumberger Domaine, the second largest wine-growing domain in France in one block, which produces four classified Great Wines of Alsace: The Spiegel, the Kitterlé, the Saeri...

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Cheval devant Thierenbach

The Mill of the Licorne

Equestrian and horseback riding centre The Mill of the Licorne of Jungholtz offers work experience in shows, acrobatics, equestrian stunt, taming, clearing, ethological training and horse boarding

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Notre Dame de Lorette © Thomas Studer Notre Dame de Lorette © Thomas Studer

Notre Dame de Lorette Chapel

"Built in 1693 on a promontory overhanging the abbey, this chapel is strongly inspired by the Santa Casa de Loreto, hence the name of Notre Dame de Lorette. Controlled by the monks of Murbach to replace a ruined chapel...

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Parc à daims de Soultzmatt Parc à daims de Soultzmatt

The deer Park

The deer park in Soultzmatt is a haven of greenery and peace. Ideal for a moment of relaxation with the family. This includes: a botanical trail, an educational pond, a historic circuit presenting the history of the Soul...

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Vue sur la plaine d'Alsace depuis les chaumes de l'Ebeneck
Rimbach près Guebwiller

Hiking Circuit : Rimbach - Ebeneck

This rather short hiking route takes you up to the thatched roof of Ebeneck. The hiking route is relatively easy, but there are some places that are more difficult to climb than others. At the summit you can let your g...

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©ADT68 F.Zvardon ©ADT68 F.Zvardon

The crest road

The Crest Road links up Cernay and Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines progressing over 77 kilometres. You may take the route on foot to access the Grand Ballon, the highest summit of the Vosges Mountains. The itinerary ends with a g...

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Hugstein Castle

"The fortified Hugstein Castle is the only vestige of medieval military of this size in the arrondissement of Guebwiller. Pampered by municipalities of Guebwiller and Buhl (the line dividing the municipalities passes th...

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Grand Ballon. Crédit: Corinne Flotta

Le Grand Ballon ski resort

As the summit of the Vosges mountains at 1,424 m, at the Grand Ballon you can combine the pleasures of skiing with the great outdoors, topped off by an extraordinary view across the Plain of Alsace, the Black Forest and ...

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