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"Throughout the year, discover the rich heritage of the Land of Art and History of the Region of Guebwiller, in the company of our qualified guides who will put all their passion and professionalism into making you feel welcome."


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The town of Guebwiller

At the entrance to the Florival valley, Guebwiller is the jewel of our Land of Art and History. Explore the religious heritage and vineyards of the town with three churches.

The old town of Soultz

Surrounded by its rampart walls, the historical centre of “Sulza” invites you to wander among its maze of bourgeois houses, interior courtyards, oriels and turrets... And the Gothic Saint Maurice church with its famous Silbermann organ.

Murbach, the prestige of the Prince-abbots

This monument is a masterpiece of Norman architecture whose transept and choir have stood up to the passage of time. Become familiar with the history of this important spiritual, cultural and political site whose influence reigned for an entire millennium throughout the Rhine valley and led to the founding of many great towns, including Lucerne.

Thierenbach, an important pilgrimage venue

On seeing a figure floating in a stream, a group of children allegedly exclaimed “Tier im Bach!” So goes the legend behind this magical place. The floating object was in fact a representation of the Virgin. This priory, founded in the 8th century in collaboration with Murbach, thus became an important venue for pilgrims.

Théodore Deck and Pays du Florival Museum

Occupying the former residence of the canons of Murbach, this museum devoted to local history also houses a unique collection of earthenware by the famous 19th-century ceramicist, Théodore Deck.

Guided tour of Guebwiller vineyard

The Guebwiller vineyard is the biggest unsegmented vineyard in France, and the only vineyard in Alsace to produce four classified Grands Crus: Kitterle, Kessler, Saering and Spiegel. The vines are cultivated by the Schlumberger estate whose wines are reputed all over the world. With your guide, you'll follow the story of this significant heritage feature, from the vineyard paths all the way to the streets of the fortified town.

Guided tour of Marseillaise park

This park is a mixture of floral arrangements and exotic vegetation. It is home to a number of remarkable trees and is still adorned with a Renaissance-style well and a huge fountain, a bandstand and an exedra seat which is a replica of the one where Sarah Bernhardt sat in the Theodora room.

Guided tour of Hartmannswiller with its fortified cemetery

This is one of the best-kept cemeteries in Alsace. Built in the 15th century, it recounts an era when the villagers must have found it difficult to defend themselves from attackers. The cemetery paths will take you exploring this unusual construction. From the outer wall, Hartsmann Castle can be admired against its lush green backdrop.

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