• Brut(es), natural wines fair

    On the programme of this gourmet exhibition: natural wines, winegrowers and winemakers from France, Germany and Switzerland, human and oenological discoveries.

    To tell you a little more about natural wine or vin nature: it is the result of a philosophical choice aimed at rediscovering the natural expression of the territory. It is made from organically grown grapes, without weed killers, pesticides, fertilisers or other synthetic products. The grapes are harvested by hand and during the vinification process the winegrower strives to keep the lively character of the wine. Technical interventions that could alter the bacterial life of the wine are prohibited, as well as any addition of chemical products, except, if necessary, for very small quantities of sulphites. The maximum doses of total SO² tolerated are 20mg/l for reds and 30mg/l for whites.


    Liesel's advice

    This gourmet fair offers you the opportunity to discover natural wines (or nature) which are made from organically grown grapes, without weedkillers, pesticides, fertilisers or other synthetic products. Winegrowers from France, Germany and Switzerland will introduce you to their little wonders.
  • Practical information


    Saturday from 11am to 7pm, Sunday from 11am to 6pm


    Motoco, Bâtiment 75

    Event type

    Consumer trade fair
  • 10 € per person with discount of a "collector" tasting glass. €

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  • rue des Brodeuses
    68200 Mulhouse