Film conference Altaïr : Around the world on the run

  • Film conference Altaïr : Around the world on the run

    Jamel Balhi is the first man to have run around the world. In his report, the globetrotter takes us through the continents he has been walking for more than twenty years, and shares with us the encounters that have marked his route. Jamel Balhi has crossed 205 countries on foot, at a human pace of 12 km/h. Starting from France, he has reached the most inaccessible places on Earth, such as the most remote corners of Tibet, Latin America or Australia. The daily stages of about 70 km pass through the landscapes, villages and faces of the world. With a small bag on his back as his only assistance, and a daily budget of 3 to 4 €, he continues his journey each day, meeting people from country to country.

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    Le Cercle - 4, rue du 5 février 68530 Buhl

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    • 9,00 € pour les adultes
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