Grand Ballon

the highest peak of the Vosges in Alsace

“The mountains? I’m addicted! My favourite summit is, of course, Grand Ballon, the highest mountain in the Vosges. It culminates at 1,424 metres and can be reached via the Route des Crêtes (ridge road)! Also known as Ballon de Guebwiller, it offers spectacular views over the plains of Alsace, the Black Forest, and even the Swiss Alps when the sky is clear!”

By Fanny

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Reaching new heights

The highest point of the Vosges attracts many hikers and wintersports fans, thanks to the idyllic scenery. It can be reached on foot from the Grand Ballon Chalet Hotel in about 20 minutes.

It’s surrounded by hiking paths (Club Vosgien signposting) to suit all levels. To find a hiking route that’s ideal for you, visit the website

  • Rando en famille au Grand Ballon Crédit: SMMGB
  • Balade en famille au Grand Ballon Crédit: Vincent Schneider
  • Balade pédestre au petit matin au Grand Ballon Crédit: Raymond-Weigel

“What’s that sphere?”

The work of architecture you can see from the summit was designed by Claude Vasconi in 1997 for the civil aviation radar system. Underneath the radome, there’s a viewpoint indicator from where the views are stunning.


t the Grand-Ballon summit stands a memorial to the Diables Bleus (blue devils). It was built thanks to the Club Alpin Français and the Club Vosgien to pay tribute to 1914-18 war victims from the mountain infantry

  • Grand Ballon enneigé au lever du Soleil Crédit: Tristan Vuano
  • Ski à la station du Grand Ballon Crédit : Corinne Flota
  • Piste de la station du Grand Ballon Crédit: SMMGB
  • Station du Grand Ballon sous la neige Crédit: SMMGB


Are you a wintersports lover like me? In winter, the resort offers downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing! The 8 slopes and 3 drag lifts of the Grand Ballon alpine ski area cater for all levels.

This resort is perfect for those who like to take wintersports gently!

"Like me, come to the exceptional Ballon des Vosges Regional Nature Park to see some outstanding scenery! "
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Fanny is a keen traveller and sportswoman. She particularly enjoys taking the wine route to admire the scenery and make the most of the mountains on her snowboard. I was born in Alsace. I feel strongly attached to this region. Its beauty has always fascinated me, which is one of the reasons I chose this occupation. I love seeing the wonderful panoramic views from the mountains, vineyards and villages. I’m a sporty person and like letting off steam with a game of tennis, unwinding at a good basketball match, or taking a breath of fresh air on my snowboard.

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