History and Heritage

Listed as a Ville et Pays d’Art et d’Histoire (Town of Art and History) by the Minister of Culture and Communication in 2005, the Guebwiller region abounds with architectural treasures. These include such regional gems as the Murbach Abbey, the Lautenbach collegiate, the St Léger de Guebwiller Church, and many more …. Other buildings and unique details are also worthy of note: the low walls in pink Vosges sandstone that support the Guebwillerois vineyard terraces, spiral staircases, oriel windows and the vintage porches of Renaissance houses in Soultz, the Jewish cemetery in Jungholtz, the farms on the summit of the Vosges mountains and of course the many vestige of a rich and fascinating industrial history. In addition, the Guebwiller region ‘Pays d’art et d’histoire’ boasts numerous former factories (textiles for the most part), a number of which were built in a particular style. You can thus see, at Issenheim, the former Gast spinning mill in a neo-Tudor style, now part of in the Liste supplémentaire des Monuments Historiques (French Supplementary Monuments List) in 2005, and the “Louvre Schlumberger”, a reinforced concrete factory dating from the 1920s. These factories are often bordered by industrial villas and workers’ housing, built on the initiative of certain philanthropic bosses.